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What is Bizgurukul | Bizgurukul Reviews | Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing by Satya Ki Pathshala

Today in this article I am going to discuss the online education platform, Bizgurukul Private Limited. Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing and reviews
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What is Bizgurukul | Bizgurul Reviews | Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing: Hello everyone, most welcome to my blog Satya Ki Pathshala. Today in this article I am going to discuss the online education platform, Bizgurukul Private Limited. Most of you have heard the term Bizgurukul and might have wondered What is Bizgurukul?

What is Bizgurukul | Bizgurul Reviews | Bizgurukul Affiliate Marketing by Satya Ki Pathshala

So, don't worry. Today, in this article, I am going to explain elaborately What Bizgurukul is? So, to get complete knowledge on Bizgurukul, read the full article from start to end. It could be a long article so, take your time to know Bizgurukul from A-Z.

Without any further delay, let's get started. Today in this article you are going to know the following details on

  • Bizgurukul Private Limited
  • Bizgurukul Reviews
  • How to earn from Bizgurukul
  • How to do Affiliate Marketing in Bizgurukul
  • Bizgurukul Business Plan
  • Bizgurukul Business Model
  • Bizgurukul Courses and Price List
  • Bizgurukul Company Details


What is Bizgurukul Private Limited:

Bizgurukul is an Online e-learning Platform where that provides different courses on Digital Marketing, Branding Mastery, Influence Mastery, and Stock Market Mastery. BizGurukul is a brand of Gyankosh Education Service. 

It is a GST Registered proprietorship firm, which is owned by Mr. Rohit Kumar Sharma. These courses provide Skill Development Courses related to Entrepreneurship, Career, and Business Development. 

Also, BizGurukul provides training on how you can earn money from social media. BizGurukul also gives opportunity to its customers to become affiliates. By promoting all the courses available on the BizGurukul Platform, their affiliate can earn a commission.

The Bizgurukul Team Detail:

The Bizgurukul Team Detail

Here, Ritwit Tiwari is the founder of Bizgurukul, Rohit Sharma is the Co-Founder of Bizgurukul, Keshav Lal is the Business mentor of Bizgurukul, Kartik Dang is the Business Support Head of Bizgurukul and Paras Saxena is the Chief Marketing Officer of Bizgurukul.

Bizgurukul is here to create an E-Learning space where everyone can discover the best for themselves. Bizgurukul believes that life is about the acquisition of new skills and putting those skills to build something extraordinary.

Bizgurukul believes in ARISE


Bizgurukul Company Details:

BizGurukul is a company registered in the Ministry of Corporate Affairs. If you have any doubt then you can search for the company name by going to the Ministry Of Corporate Affairs website. The screenshot is given below.

Bizgurukul Company Details

Bizgurukul Courses and price list:

Bizgurukul Courses and price list

In Branding Mastery Course, you will get 7 courses mentioned below:
  • Advanced Personality Development
  • Video Superstar
  • Facebook Messenger Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Mastermind
  • Instagram Masterminds
  • Spoken English Mastery
  • Affiliate Marketing Mastery

Branding Mastery Courses

In Traffic Mastery Course, you will get 14 courses including Branding Mastery Course mentioned below:
  • Advance Instagram Masterminds
  • Facebook Ads Mastermind
  • YouTube Mastermind
  • Google Ads Mastery
  • Excel Mastery
  • E-Mail Marketing Mastery
  • LinkedIn Mastery

Traffic Mastery Course

In Influence Mastery Course, you will get 19 courses including Branding Mastery Courses and Traffic Mastery Courses mentioned below:
  • Master Public Speaker
  • Copywriting Mastermind
  • Content Writing
  • Podcast Mastery
  • Sales Mastery
  • Become a Best Selling Author

Influence Mastery Course

Apart from these Bundles, Bizgurukul also provides Advance Career Education (A.C.E.) and Courseflix where you will get to know about Stock Market Mastery and Business, Creative Course, Health and Wellness, Personality Development.

Advance Career Education (A.C.E.)


Price List of Bizgurukul Courses:

  • The Price of Branding Mastery Courses is 4,999/-
  • The Price of Traffic Mastery Courses is 8,999/-
  • The Price of Influence Mastery Courses is 15,999/-

branding mastery price

traffic mastery price

influence mastery price

But to get all the courses at a discount of 30%, use my Affiliate Link. By using my Affiliate Link, you will get all these courses at a reasonable price and you won't regret buying these. Later on, I'll also show you my Payment Proof screenshots that I got from Bizgurukul Private Limited.

Instructors List at Bizgurukul Private Limited:

Name Specialist in
Digital Dhairya Complete guide to Instagram growth
Phullo Begum Podcast Mastery
Gulshan Singh Gulati Sales Mastery
Sanjay Best Selling Author
Anmol Duggal Digital Marketing
Hitesh YouTube Marketing
Rohit Sharma Video Superstar
Keshave Lal Public Speaking
Shiva Vashistha Google Ads
Saksham Agarwal Stock Market Mastery
Akash Goel LinkedIn Mastery
Aastha Karla Beginners Guide to Graphology
Alpana Diabetes Management Programme
Manmohan Dutt Neuro-Linguistic Programming
Saddam Kassim WordPress Academy

Media Partners of Bizgurukul Private Limited:

samachar naama, NBB, BW Business World,, Business Standard, Mid Day, NewsX, Outlook, The Print, The Telegraph Online, Zee Business, Dailyhunt

Business Model of Bizgurukul Private Limited:

The Business Model of Bizgurukul is really simple. First of all, I want to say that, by learning the courses provided by Bizgurukul, you can make yourself a master in any field. So, it depends upon you if you want to learn or you want to learn with earn.

If you want to do business, then you have to promote their courses and after getting a sale you will get a commission of up to 70% from that product, as simple as that. Now, the question is How to Promote Products of Bizgurukul?

Don't worry, they have the best team to train you on that and the training will always be free who have enrolled in the Bizgurukul courses. They give you training with practicals on the spot. They conduct training sessions 4 days a week.

The training they give on Sunday is called Sunday Special Training.

How to do Affiliate Marketing in Bizgurukul:

To understand this term Affiliate Marketing, first, you have to know what is Affiliate Marketing? Affiliate marketing is nothing but promoting & selling products of any brand and making a commission out of it. You might have seen in YouTube Videos that, the channel owner says that "This video is sponsored by XXX"

Or they say that "If you want to buy this product then click on the link in the Video Description". What does that mean? It means that they are doing affiliate of that particular product. If someone buys from their link, the brand gives a commission to that channel owner or Website owner.

Here I want to clear a doubt of the readers that, Bizgurukul is purely is of Affiliate Marketing. Bizgurukul is not an MLM.

In MLM, the upline always gets a percentage of his downline when they make a sale. But in Bizgurukul, nothing is like that. You sell the product of Bizgurukul and only you get the commission. No one has anything to do with it.

And the commission is up to 70% off that product price. If you do Affiliate Marketing in Amazon, they hardly pay you up to 20% commission. But in Bizgurukul, you are getting up to 70% commission. You just have to promote the products of Bizgurukul on different Social Media Platforms and make a sale.

Remember, if you know how to sell you will be rich. Look around you and see that all the brands are making a lot of money by just selling their products. They are doing advertising on different platforms to catch your attention!

There are two ways you can make a lot of money on Digital Platforms. Either you sell your own products by doing marketing on different Social Media Platforms or you can promote and make a sale of other brands and get a huge commission from them.

So, there are terms like Digital Marketing, Social Media Marketing, CPA Marketing, Affiliate Marketing. By using these marketing techniques, people are making a lot of money these days. These are the only methods to make money online.

This is how you can earn from Bizgurukul by doing Affiliate Marketing.

Affiliate Marketing

Bizgurukul Genuine Reviews:

Bizgurukul Genuine Reviews
Read more reviews on

Why Bizgurukul is better than other online e-learning platforms:

The main reason is that here you can Learn with Earn. You can learn different mastery courses and by implementing them, you can also make money online. And, obviously, they have 100 + Trainers to train you. 

It has 1 Lakh + students enrolled, 300 + Live Training, 24 Cr. + Community Earning. It is growing day by day. So, obviously, it is giving its customers great value that's why it's growing like anything.

Just imagine that the company Bizgurukul was started on 24th March 2020 when there was Covid-19 Pandemic. And, in just 2 years, the company has shown huge growth in e-learning and make a huge family of 1 Lakh + Students enrolled.

Why Bizgurukul is better than other online e-learnig platforms

My Personal Thoughts and Review of Bizgurukul:

As per my opinion, I had a great experience with Bizgurukul. They always try to make you the best. The trainers are best at their job. The courses are well designed to understand. These courses come in both Hindi and English.

The training they provide in Hindi and English also. Their support system is well designed. If you have a query you can WhatsApp them, send messages on Telegram, also they have Web Chat support. The query resolves in 24 Hrs.

Currently, I am focusing on Blogging and YouTube Mastery. The main thing is they provide certificates on competition of the courses you complete. Isn't that great !! Till now I have earned 74,000/- INR from the platform Bizgurukul.

My Payment Proof & Payment Received from Bizgurukul:

payment proof 1

Payment Proof

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