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All about Meri Pehchan Portal | What is Meri Pehchaan Portal | Satya Ki Pathshala

details regarding Meri Pehchaan Portal where you can get a free ID and Password to log in to different Indian Government Portals from one platform.
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What is Meri Pehchaan Portal: In today's article I will provide the details regarding Meri Pehchaan Portal where you can get a free ID and Password to log in to different Indian Government Portals from one platform.

I will tell you how you can create a login id on the Meri Pehchaan Portal and which service is available on the Meri Pehchaan Portal.

What is Meri Pehchan Portal


What is Meri Pehchaan Portal

Friends, the Meri Pehchaan portal has been brought to all of you by the government of India, where if you register once, then an NSSO ID will be created for you. In National Single Sign On (NSSO) you will get the login id on this portal.

Now with this login id, if you want to take advantage of any scheme or if you have to upload any government document, then you do not have to go to every portal and register there. You will be able to log in to any government portal through the login id of Meri Pehchaan Portal.

Name of the Portal Meri Pehchaan Portal
Benefits You can register with any Govt. Portal by using one Login ID and Password
Apply Mode Online
Apply Charges NIL / Free
Official Website Click Here


About the Meri Pehchaan Portal

"As per Meri Pehchaan Portal," it is a National Single Sign-On (NSSO) a user authentication service in which a single set of credentials provide access to multiple online applications or services. This offers major benefits for both users and application administrators.

For users, it eliminates the need to repeatedly prove their identities to different applications and hold different credentials for each application and also helps identify the real applications as opposed to fake ones.

To the application owner, it helps save time, effort, and cost to build the authentication systems for every service independently. Users will be able to reuse the MeriPehchaan profile information to access other Government services.

Users will be able to sign on to different services with their Mobile number, Username, Password/PIN, and two-factor authentication. This will allow users to access all services with a single click and login.

Features of MeriPehchaan Portal

  • Seamless user onboarding: Users can seamlessly access various services.
  • Standardized Registration: Users need not submit different credentials for different services.
  • Multifactor Authentication: To provide a greater level of Security and Privacy.

How to register on MeriPehchan Portal and Create a Login ID

To register on Meri Pechan Portal, you have to go to and there you can find a Login Button.


Now you will see different methods of logging in to the Meri Pehchaan Portal. If you are already registered in Digi Locker, then you can simply click on Digi Locker to gain a login. Apart from Digi Locker, you can also log in through e-pramaan and JanParichay.


If you don't have any of these, then you can fresh register on Meri Pehchaan Portal by clicking on Register Now! After clicking on Register Now, you will see a window where you have to enter your mobile number to get OTP.


After getting OTP, you will have to enter the OTP to verify yourself. After that, you have to write your name, gender, username, gender, DOB, and PIN & click on Verify. After that, your log-in ID will be created.

Now you will be able to login to any government portal by using Meri Pehchaan Login Id. If you log in to Meri Pehchaan Portal, you will be able to see many Government Portal Links where can log in directly through Meri Pehchaan Portal.

Final Words

So guys I hope this article What is Meri Pehchaan Portal is really gonna help you. If you like this article then don't forget to share this article with others. This will really help me grow my Website. See you on the next topic, till then take care.


What is MeriPehchaan?

MeriPehchaan, a Single Sign-On platform authenticates citizens easily and securely. It is an extensive collaboration of the three mainstream SSO platforms Jan Parichay, e-Pramaan, and DigiLocker. MeriPehchaan authenticates the user based on multiple authentication parameters like username, mobile number, Aadhaar, PAN, etc.

What is a Single Sign-On Platform?

Single Sign-On is a centralized session and user authentication service in which a set of login credentials can be used to access multiple applications during the same session. The service helps in providing a seamless user experience by eliminating the need of proving the user identity to different applications.

What are the key benefits of using MeriPehchaan?

The basic objective of MeriPehchaan is to eliminate individual & repetitive sign-on procedures by centralizing user authentication and identity management at a central identity provider. It increases user productivity on a national level as its intuitive interface allows better user mobility and provides seamless access to multiple services and applications by authenticating just once.

How can I join MeriPehchaan?

MeriPehchaan is a collaboration of 3 national level SSO, so a user may register on any of the three mainstream SSO platforms. The citizen may register by providing a Mobile number, Name, and Gender to create credentials i.e. username and password. User may also perform eKYC using Aadhaar and PAN.

Is it safe to share the Aadhaar Card details with MeriPehchaan?

Yes, it’s completely safe as SSOs under MeriPehchaan take care of Aadhaar data and keep Aadhaar details in the Aadhaar vault as per the guidelines of the Aadhaar Act.

Can I log in with my linked verification IDs like Mobile, Aadhaar, PAN, etc?

Yes, Citizen can use any of the linked verification IDs as username for login.

What is the login process for MeriPehchaan?

One can login using the credentials i.e. username/mobile/Aadhaar/PAN and password generated at the time of signup on the respective SSO platform (Jan Parichay, e-Pramaan, and DigiLocker). On successful authentication, two-step multi-factor authentication is performed as well. After the completion of 2FA, the user logs in successfully.

What is two-step multifactor authentication?

One of the most secure prevention controls for unauthorized access, fraud, and cyber identity thefts is two-step multifactor authentication. This feature incorporates an additional layer of security, in which a user gets authenticated by providing a password, as well as a second factor, that could be an OTP (sent over registered mobile number or E-mail ID). SSOs may provide some additional two-step multi-factor authentication methods like Backup Code, Token, or Tap Authentication method.

How can I contact the MeriPehchaan team in case of any complaint/query?

User can register their complaint through or call on toll-free number 1800111555.

What is the session expiry time of MeriPehchaan?

By default, the MeriPehchaan session expiry time is of 24 hours and user will be logged out of all the applications on its expiry and will be asked to login again.

I am unable to get an OTP on my mobile number, what should I do?

If you are not able to get SMS of OTP, please check your network connection or wait for a while. If the issue still persists, contact support.

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